A short presentation

C.I.R.C.E. research group was born from the encounter of philosophers, coders, writers, artists and educators. We all share the same passion for electric conviviality and concerns about the technologies of domination.

This is why we run workshops on digital self-defense – hacker pedagogy – convivial informatics for girls, children, academics, affinity groups, tech-heads, and indeed all who are curious.

Our theoretical reflection ranges from the study of cognitive automatisms, particularly in human-machine interactions, to the socio-political impact of interconnected technological devices. What are the effects of Megamachines in our lives? What remains of freedom?

Our expertises include:

Education | Coding | Philosophy| Sociology | Videomaking | Translating | Web Development | Social Media Marketing | Collaborative Writing | Radio — and more

These are some of our members:


Agnese Trocchi


Karl Kappa


Davide Fant