C.I.R.C.E.'s agenda

Interview with Lennon - server @ L200

the link to connect is available here

Monday, 7 June 2021 - 7 PM CET

On the 2nd of June 2021 we are guests at the first artist talk of the FMR - Loggia Meetups, physically taking place in Linz (Austria) and online on a Big Blue Button room.

We're excited to announce the Second International Conference

Philosophy and Technology - PaT

25-28 May, 2021

The venue is the amazing island of Pithecusae (Ischia)

The definitive schedule of the conference will be published soon!

Venerdì 9 aprile, nell'ambito della seconda giornata di studi “Codici differenti” organizzata dall'Associazione Orlando interveniamo come C.I.R.C.E. con il workshop "Il Gioco del Demone".

Sabato 13 febbraio 2021 partecipiamo all'esperimento di Radio Diffusa, un evento-live proposto da Vincenzo Bianculli, Enrico Bisenzi e Marco Pini.

A hands-on auto-ethnographic workshop hosted by CIRCE using the Hacker Pedagogy method.
"Know thyself - know your daimons"

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