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C.I.R.C.E. workshops

moments of experiential pedagogy

half a day or more of per-course

if you want a summary or presentation, go to


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workshop and labs can be tailored on different publics: generic, academic, specialised.

Cerchiamo di costruirli in risposta a una questione specifica, a un bisogno chiaro, a un problema concreto.

Di seguito, una lista di alcuni argomenti e attività ricorrenti; ogni singolo intervento rimane in ogni caso un’esperienza a sé stante.

altre risorse: formare

workshops Highlights

food for re-creation

workshops & cousers

for who wants to listen to itself, to do, to put hands on

games for infinite exploitation

living toghether in interconnected worlds

Convivial Tools

Understand and build common networks

risks and opportunities

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