Centro Internazionale di Ricerca per la Convivialità Elettrica

«Les métamorphoses de Circe disent que la connaissance est à l’image de l’affect» - Samir Boumediene, La Colonisation du savoir

pédagogie hacker | informatique conviviale | autodéfense numérique

Nous vivons dans des environnements connectés à Internet et dans lesquels les choix personnels et collectifs sont propulsés par des Algorithmes.

The final goal of new industrial technologies, i.e. “Technologies of Domination” (Ippolita, 2017), is to free ourselves from the burden of freedom by freeing us from the responsibility of choice. They are the opposite of convivial tools (Illich, 1973).

Yet, nothing is lost.

C.I.R.C.E. outlines a methodology to became aware of our gestures in the Megamachines toxic devices (Mumford, 1967): we call it “hacker pedagogy”.

Hacker pedagogy is an active attitude to change the behaviours promoting automatisms - thus restricting freedom of choice. It is focused on the effects, assumptions and practices of technical interactions. “Hacker pedagogy” trainings and workshops formulate a coherent set of tactics for becoming aware of our personal/collective mind/bodies.

C.I.R.C.E. research group runs workshops on digital self-defensehacker pedagogyconvivial informatics for girls, children, academics, affinity groups, tech-heads, and indeed all who are curious to know themselves / know their machines.

The underlying methodology and theoretical reflection mixes the approach of experiential pedagogy (Boud – Cohen – Walker, 1993), the hacker attitude and a strong libertarian imprint. Left libertarian.

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