l'agenda di C.I.R.C.E.

Venerdì 9 aprile, nell'ambito della seconda giornata di studi “Codici differenti” organizzata dall'Associazione Orlando interveniamo come C.I.R.C.E. con il workshop "Il Gioco del Demone".

Sabato 13 febbraio 2021 partecipiamo all'esperimento di Radio Diffusa, un evento-live proposto da Vincenzo Bianculli, Enrico Bisenzi e Marco Pini.

A hands-on auto-ethnographic workshop hosted by CIRCE using the Hacker Pedagogy method.
"Know thyself - know your daimons"

online. Digital platform provided by C.I.R.C.E., NetHood and

Organised by the Visual Sociology Lab (Genova) and NetHood (Zurich)

The second of a cycle of seminars which aims to extend the boundaries of the social sciences by integrating other languages and fields of knowledge. In order to attend, please register sending an e-mail to jacopo.anderlini [ at ] before the 3rd of March.

This Sunday, March 7 at 7pm, CIRCE,, will showcase
their work in the context of our 7at7 event series on digital

We prepared readings from the recent Agnese's book "Internet, mon
", with Francesca Da Rimini and Diane Ludin, music, glimpses of their hacker pedagogy methods, and more.

Meet CIRCE: #storytelling #hacking #pedagogy #conviviality


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