To Play or be Played workshop in Berlin

Pictures from "To play or be played" workshop in Berlin, part of The Kill Cloud: Networked Warfare, Drones & AI, the 26th conference of the Disruption Network Lab.

Among the participants, Brandon Bryant, former US Air Force drone operator and whistleblower and Lisa Ling (whistleblower, former Technical Sergeant, US Air Force Drone Surveillance Program). Their contribution was extremely valuable in term of their former experience in the interconnected worlds. Brandon Bryant gave us important insights on the drone operator HUDs and Lisa Ling was very knowledgeable on dynamics of gamification that make us "addicted" to our devices.


During her keynote Lisa Ling has been talking about the way in which our devices and the so-called Kill Cloud are connected.


It has been really interesting, after 3 days of intense discussions on networked warfare, to move on a lighter note and observe together in a playful and physical mode, our daily iterations with social media technologies.


You can watch all the panels of The Kill Cloud: Networked Warfare, Drones & AI on the conference webpage.


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