Philosophy and Technology - International Conference

We're excited to announce the Second International Conference

Philosophy and Technology - PaT

25-28 May, 2021

The venue is the amazing island of Pithecusae (Ischia)

The definitive schedule of the conference will be published soon!

The selected speakers will participate in the co-construction of the workshops and lectures, including:

  • a server is up&running - install party - in collaboration with L200-Zurich
  • local agricultural activities
  • harvesting activities
  • spoon carving
  • collaborative buoyancy techniques
  • radio kills the streaming stars - stekkabeach - in collaboration with radioneanderthal
  • Situationist threads
  • infrastructure dissertation: automation, from ansible to OpenStack
  • infrastructure practice: DYI servers&services
  • Presentation of the book Internet, Mon Amour - In live streaming with "Festival di letteratura sociale" in Florence
  • From Digital Self Defecence to Hacker Pedagogy - The Aikido Perspective (sessions every morning 9am/10.30am) in collaboration with ASD Salvatore Mergé.
  • convivium theory&practice
  • technobureaucracy and others nonsenses

remote guests from Berlin, Roma, Zurich, Bruxelles, Lecce, Paris, Firenze, Lyon, La Rivière, tenuta ai due ginko, Milano and more!

media partners: Elèuthera editrice, radio neanderthal

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