Internet, Mon Amour

Chronicles before yesterday's collapse

┬źNew technologies give us the possibility of not having to choose.

Isn’t it fantastic?┬╗…

A group of hackers, artists, geeks escapes the Great Internet’s Plague. In a remote place between the alpine valleys, off the radar and drones, the stories of the before the catastrophe are told, to keep each other company. This book is a faithful account of those stories, commented and ordered in five days: outside, relationships, sex, scams and a final recreation.

Internet, Mon Amour - copertina

The future was yesterday, when we were inseparable from computers and smartphones, for better or for worse. Even when we would have preferred to do without it, because we knew they could turn out to be our worst enemies. Global Internet surveillance scandals were just the tip of the iceberg, mass manipulations were just the beginning: we were all vulnerable! Curiosity out of place, scams, identity and data theft, revenge porn, haters … This book always starts from real situations, tells and explains what were the risky behaviors, how the traps could be avoided. It offers easy tricks to put into practice.

Through common life stories we learn to pay attention to the details, to the implications, to what “lies behind” the appearance of the screens. To escape our condition as gears of Megamachines we become curious explorers, we expand the baggage of critical thinking with stories of the future that was yesterday.

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