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Living in the interconnected worlds

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Can we do without gmail? Do we know how to choose a secure password? Asking questions like these means being aware that privacy is a wealth to be preserved and defended in person.

Supporting the development of a hacker approach to technology and learning in general is a way to spread digital awareness and self-defence practices. It helps to bring out the hacker who hides in each one, give them value and help them grow.

The course is for you if you want to “follow the threads of your connections”; if you are interested in understanding what are the hidden elements of everyday procedures and what are the automatisms that now escape you; if you want to invent together solutions for an ecological relationship with machines.

We want to gain awareness of one’s digital rituals in one’s private and working life. We want to learn self-defense techniques to unhinge automatisms.

We will explore Internet and Darknets, we will learn how to use network services off the web. We will learn to differentiate: different services for different purposes. We will discuss source validation, encryption and anonymisation systems, and the neurocognitive impact of digital devices.

We will do exercises in social engineering and gamification.

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