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C.I.R.C.E. is a crossroads for philosophers, programmers, writers, artists, educators and more with a passion for electric conviviality.

We organize workshops of digital self-defense and hacker pedagogy, convivial informatics for girls, boys, children, affinity groups, geeks and for all those who are curious. We write, we tell stories, we select resources.

Our theoretical reflection ranges from the study of cognitive automatisms (interactions human beings - technical beings), to the socio-political impact of the interconnected devices. What are the effects of Megamachines in our lives? What is left of freedom?

collaborating @ C.I.R.C.E.

education | trainers' training | appropriate tech programming | philosophy | sociology | translations | web dev | social media stuff | collaborative writing | radio - and much more.

info [at] circex [dot] org

Agnese Trocchi

Social media strategist, multimedia artist, copywriter, storyteller.

Davide Fant

Trainer and pedagogist

Carlo B. Milani

Translator, factotum. Until 2018 he wrote with "Ippolita" heteronymous. Appropriate technologies.

Caterina Annese

Educator, promoter and cultural agitator, she is one of the founders of the Zei cultural space in Lecce.

Maurizio "Graffio" Mazzoneschi

Communication technology expert, programmer, trainer

Mistery Circens n.1

Emacs lover. Vulgo guru. Translator. Philosopher.

Mistery Circens n.2

Addicted to static websites. Sociologist.

Mistery Circens n.3

Urban hacker, philosopher, FLOShare Developer


Bridging the digital with the physical space; building together local solutions for local needs.

Alessia Bleve

Cultural mediator and President of the Zei cultural space in Lecce.

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