Eclectic Tech Carnival

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Eclectic Tech Carnival

Next edition of /ETC (Eclectic Tech Carnival) will be hosted by Heart of Code in Berlin. The presentation of the book of Agnese Trocchi "Internet, mon amour" will take place on Saturday, 8 June 2024, 4pm, Mariannenplatz 2a (New Yorck).

The Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) is a gathering of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free and open source software and hardware. Events are organised autonomously by local groups. The defining characteristics of an /ETC are: skill sharing, with free and open-source technology, FLINTA* only workshops and do-it-yourself.

This year the theme of the gathering is Furious & Curious. Agnese Trocchi will present Internet, Mon Amour on Saturday, 8 June 2024, 4.30pm, Mariannenplatz 2a (New Yorck).

Full program to be released here:

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