Fighting Technologies of Domination

From decentralised event platforms to the right to analogue

Fighting Technologies of Domination

June 9th in Berlin we will moderate the Disruption Network Lab's meetup "Fighting Technologies of Domination from decentralised event platforms to the right to analogue."

During the meetup we will discuss the right to analogue with Roberta Barone (AI Ethics and Governance Expert and Advocate, IT/DE). After the discussion there will be a hands-on session with Balotta Collective to delve deeper into the exploration of Gancio, a free open-source software designed for event publishing.

During the workshop we will use the website as a case study to show how Gancio can be implemented and used for and by local organisations. is a shared calendar for the city of Bologna, Italy. We will look at the political reasons for its creation and how these have evolved over time, as well as explaining our moderation process and the decision to print a paper version. We will describe Gancio's interface, including submitting an event as an anonymous user and browsing the admin dashboard.

To learn more and register check the event on the Disruption Network Lab website.

The event is a warmup for Hackmeeting


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