Centro Internazionale di Ricerca per le Convivialità Elettriche

«Les métamorphoses de Circe disent que la connaissance est à l’image de l’affect»

Samir Boumediene, La Colonisation du savoir

November 16, 6pm EST Identity_Runners will perform a live pad poetry jam screencast & reading at Governor's Island (NY) for the Urban Soils Symposium 2022.

Sunday, November 6, 8pm, at The Klinker, in De Grote Broek, Nijmegen, open discussion and workshop with the author of the book INTERNET, MON AMOUR and C.I.R.C.E.

Saturday May 7, at 7pm CET we will use the 7at7 platform, to discuss what we call "Really Simple Federation".

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